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Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar
It can everything be slighter without production by poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean
without profit maximisation and to take care for each other Living
Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?
Either a change or planetary system will chrashing ?

Cosmos Loop Theorie .

Cosmic Infinity Time Birds

Cos Cos ( ... ) Mos

Marble Water Drips

Water Cosmos Evolution Graph the one Way ;)
And abandon capital crime to the planet other livings
Animation will follow within an a bit of ' slow communication system '

A Planet abandoned ?

The Noah Project / Mass Drive Carrier System

' Still fighting against ourselves we should be aware of our ark. '
A re idea about how to stop war and working together
is to build a planetary shield, also referred to as ' New Shield '
in order to provide collective safety.
To create new workplaces and to ease travelment on earth
and alongside future planets if you like it and if you some days
Mass Drive Carrier System is going to work out .

A patent actually means conflict . No Conflict it will work out .
Mean while a patent is understood by a technical invention ,
mass drive carrier system in this case .
Unfortunately , no conflict has not been possible more or less . Try Love !
While teaching and using this material should support the developer ( s )
and strongly go ahead with the text and information alongside

' Memory '

Some want to know everything for a better attack
Now see Mother Earth her just starting an answer back .

Before it is too late see that
each Life ' bigger than a one millimeter ' should be untouchable

And even it is not a direct answer of revenge ,
it is just that some of men are not seeing a far future ,
earth can change within a history of about maybe
a few generations which we are not prepared for
because of a short view by attacking and fighting .
Which means , that in a short view the best ' fighter '
will survive , but not for a long sight .
Think the best and most aggressive ' intelligent ' fighter
to erase about two thirds of not only men it might be those fighters again of a may be fictive or even true history :

' See Men arriving on the iced aethiopia from there spreading all around pangea
Re think the evolution while within a relative poor history of about twenty five
thousand years and ocean Lifes of about more than a two million

And may be you will re think the little big proud fur lance warriors ,
a planet to the ' top ' embracing a little balloon in panic ,
an about may be ten minutes of flight at high speed near choking
loosing consciousness on the iced earth and todays arrogance or oblivion about past dark times

And see the little water drip seeds which were planting Lifes to our cosmic marbles
what so ever it could spread appearance
And may be see men begging suffering doing some god s slavery work building the pyramides
while some cosmic birds might teaching hovering by having control of pure mass character

And until we poor :) human will respect each life as untouchable ,
even with a no and never intention to hand or judge for a life
( vire , bacteria give those enough feed to float away and don ' t think
for an aggressive deleting ) ,
we will or might see a quite easy way to rebuild something like the pyramides by using a single electron
meaning to i on I sing a material ( may be just a stone )
for sucking ~ that same kind of material like a stone brick until it might hover '

And until men might re think the exchange system based on metal and electricity
which means a global exchange , communication and calculation system Light input ( line ) based .

Think feel you only a one time begging for your life , health and freedom .

Assuming a one time
in a very relative
far future
we might take
the earth ' base '
to a ' foreign ' solar system
in may be just the case of our sun
melting down , etc .
And to make use of
generating Atmospheres
while collecting minerals .

To carry the earth base
or to resettle on foreign planets
and to preserve us
and earth livings
within a long sight
you must respect each Life as untouchable .

' Maxwell Montes ( Sun Light Mass ) ' Ballon ' Drive Carrier System '
Look for the image(s) showing a kind of base walls , see the Mars Curiosity Mission
and have a closer look at the International Space Station .
And in order to avoid a strong both earth and interstellar conflict ( again )
meaning a human cleaning program better understand that what we see is not blue but infinity

' Maxwell Montes ( Sun Light Mass ) ' Ballon ' Drive Carrier System '
It are very very filigree differences of an
( ' inverted ' very low level of electricity ? or a kind of light ! )
meaning controlling the filigree differences of amount ~ radon
for going from and between ' sun ' to ' sun '
assuming a ' sun' to be the center of e.g. Milky Way etc .
in a silent peaceful manner even at lighting speed

May be you will see ' History of Ballooning '

Have no fear for ' extraterrestric ' Lifeforms
The one thing is the other one might you imagine some repeatedly
attacking weak ones and the defenseless ? What would you do ?
Researchers have warned for long about climate change until

' And until to question once more about how many times
an assumed just another kind of ' e.t. ' might have deflected a second ' planetary great bombardement ' ,
which our earth would have been hit during some past times of history
perhaps due to having control of pure mass character and may be a bit more ( ? ) '

Now just quiz for how to load a may be kind of moon mineral ( micro ? ) particle
or just something else ( within the spheres ) to get its ' moon ' gravitation and controlled ;)

Evolution thinking which might to be understood to be a ' hate shield ' within highly reflective eyes
blocking the so called ' demon or virus ' hate , jealousy , etc. towards ' zero hate ' to ' good ' ( one positive ) and ' better ' ( two positive ) '

from ' i ' to ' i ' :



to preserve

we us

' human ' and

planet earth

with its other livings

the ' maxwell '

' green inde pen dence day '


life form

must go free !

this is the very

first thing

to be done .

Be the cause

some ' very likely '

have kept

a peaceful

and defenseless

alien astronautic

' prisoner ' and or ' in quarantine '

and or

' study object '

at an

* * *

authority injury

of a very

high level

* * *

which might

have caused

and will even


a strong both



interstellar conflict ( again )

in any case


what has caused

us to be stuck


' progress '

in any kind

be the cause

of some wanting

to know every thing

for a better attack

and to be

some of us

wanting to be of

a kind of superior

and do even ' marketing '

of a suffering Life .

Where as

an extra terrestric

might see a no and yes both

and no or just a little difference

within * some * humans *


Ab Using

it s

carrier system

for e . g .

exploiting material

from it



computing processors

of it

and even to sell those

and even ( to the power of two )

for attacking and spy

' might '

to be

compared with

to smash


to break

or even

to destroy

a ' bee ' s wing '




might to be



' might '

to be no


any kind of

reaction .


Now th ! nk

your s



the ' w e ' persons '

responsible for

and supporting this

and some more ,

which should to be claimed as

true criminals from inter stellar

from that day on

and you will see

the nor direct

but indirect answer

coming through

by climate change

earth quakes

and much much

many more

not to being prepared for .

And even it that

has been an incident

or accident

or in purpose

of an intentionally caused

thing resulting in

an interstellar crash

it depends on

' my ' as a human personal attitude


how to deal with

a living

in any case



' my '





a life

what so ever

it might spread appearance .



' And may be until some ' top ' or ' end of evolution ' or both , kind of ' e.t. '
just had left something here be cause there might be a lot of blue marbles in our Universe
which he has to take care and work for just until the end of all our Universe day ? '

And until you do this you will see something good !

That is a precious invention which is to get some two and one and
a many more free .
To let progress work fine and better meaning evolution thinking
And if done with love and precision it ' s working out ;)

' ( Isolated Amount of Mass varying ) Sphere / Balloon
( ' Most of ' ) Intergalactic Drive Carrier System '

While ' Most of ' might truly be ironic and even ridiculous ;)
you will see the Milky Way ( that is no chocolate ? ) and
may be the ' little grain ' of star dust Andromeda Galaxy
see your cup of coffee with the drip of milk mixing macro cosmos

Working on that inventions should go ahead with the text below

It ' s working with ( ' a single ' Water ) Particle ,
carefully to be controlled
by lowering and highering the mass vacuum temperature,
but * within a tiny least spectre and at a minimum * ,
to go to the next mass amount where it is ' missing '.
A true some assumption ,
most Flashes appear up to Berlin ,
with the most dried up metal ( Electricity / Water missing in there ? )
so that the last Electron / Water Particle
gets up to the next amount
of Electricity / Water ' Sky ' to the surplus .
A bit ' quick and uncontrolled '
with lots of Energy .

The drive carrier ( a single ( water ) particle )
should be isolated for hovering meaning to be put
in a sphere or ' balloon ' and regard the amount
and type of mass the sphere consists of .
Then just to be controlled , meaning to be
adapted with amount ' new = lower ', then higher to ' stop '
to go to the next Water Level .
Those are * very very tiny and filigree Differences *
of amount Water ( Vacuum Temperature ) .
Think type and amount of mass character .
The slighter the built around the ' drive ' ,
the more precision, given H2O ( Water ) will be the same
( at a large amount ) within e.g. ' Jupiter Icy Satellite ' .
Try to use Metal ( ? ) as the container and heated Vacuum
and ( no ) an isolated room for the drive ( or just a field ? ) .
The drive carrier as a closed circuit ( circuit = problem ) means
that less of energy is required .
Heating the water mass vacuum
and getting the ' else ' water cooled
to lower and higher
' gravitation ' of and between character of mass ( Water ).

Direction does not exist in this case ,
but mass concentration .
The lower the mass , the more the ' speed '
No small size thinking , imagine temperature ( ? ) ,
( a ballon is rising to the less ) ,
may be a light particle too , no but water !
Avoid crashes by carefully lowering and increasing
the minimal water mass vacuum temperature .

Take care for using a single electron
within the ' H2O Water Ballon ' system
except for nothing else because that will
attract within the ' smallest circular flow of magnetism '
Light Particles might be attracted by a very low / inverted level of electricity
' Impulse making particles slowing down to multi pli cation of π '
Just compare it with a filament or a glow wire of an ' ancient lamp '
May be you should avoid using e.g. sun light particles first
and only using Water in order to avoid crashes .

Note ' 1 ' :
Actually , a rocket drive might to be compared with a heated ' vacuum ' .
May be at an ' elephant ' s level ' :)
With a guessing for a ' thruster generated vacuum ' in space
between drive , ship and a much larger vacuum creates a ' shift ' ,
' attracting ' the ship to the next larger vacuum
within a still ' weak ' flow of the electron flow orbit created by earth core, within the gravitational pull .

Note ' 2 ' :
It is a highly potential danger to get lost in space .
Please try un manned only and until you can control this technology .
The Earth Base is still required .

Note ' 3 ' :
Electricity, Metal, Informatics ( and may be Communication Systems )
are disturbing because of differing ' flows ' between character of mass .

Try to lower electricity and ( metal ? ) for mass drive carrier system .

Note ' 4 ' :
May be you will try to create a ' slight ballon '
with a ' single ' vacuum water particle and connect it with
a slight communication system to see from where to get response .
Actually it might result target differences due to having
no control of pure mass character , while this is relative
within micro cosmos .

Note ' 5 ' :
Try to get rid of artificial Intelligence
based upon metal or silicium and light input based too ,
because it might exterminate men one day
and bio mech anics too

Note ' 6 ' :
A little jingle about mass drive carrier system
is written within this site , may be you will find it :)

' And if some would develop mass drive
some might abuse it . '

That is why I have decided to equip it with rescue units
be cause of each rocket attached one unit will splash .
And for today
you might claim that there is no need for it
tomorrow you will take it
and the day after
you hopefully have not forgot about my words

' And who so ever diggeth a pit shall fall in it '

Note ' 7 ' :

' and to finally free the
' Green Inde pen d nce Day Lifeform '
if existing and if it might need a pure water bath
and to be put approximately where found
alongside its carrier system
in absolute silence , hidden , open
and human should go as far away as possible
by shielding too
and with no fear from a vire
and else

and no try to keep or
to claim things to be yours
Be cause with the assumption to
just showing an estimated 1 meter guy
to be about 2,5 meters tall
and to be a predator like most of human
as shown in the movie from 1996
That actually should not to be understood
to cause trouble in ' any case '
but to avoid a potential strong interstellar conflict
because humans are patient
and may be others too if .
Imagine you crashing on a foreign planet and to be kept .
Seeing the few some ' stars ' moving like a water strider too ?
Because research works better by far distance measuring
thinking and no conflict '

Note ' 8 ' :
Just ask some body about us to be the only ones within our universe ...

Note ' 9 ' :
The ' Earth Base ' is still required .

Note ' 10 ' :
Work in Progress ...

Note ' 11 ' :
With a truth strong warning
for a further cosmos
which means to see
the mars ' atmosphere ' at today's time
alongside the Mars Mission Curiosity
and another assumption
for dimension ( size , distance ) ,
character of mass and time
to be of absolute free
and flexible transformation
to be true possible to some

Note ' 12 ' :
If balloon drive mass carrier system should work out one day ,
we should firstly respect other and ' extraterrestric lifes ' if existing
and no exploiting their sources
and that 's in my honest opinion
the one cause why we ' ve been ' stuck ' to the moon
because we are a bit of cyclops due
to a biologic ' made of ' ,
for no being collective like a bee or a fish or even ' e. t. '
A Collective Database might work with a difference
in order to use all data on an ' own ' storage which can be adressed and exchanging at request .

And never panic first take careful research

Blue Green Marble Refresh

At a principle ,
' most of us ' from Cosmo Spring
are H2O ( Water ) based Livings .

Clean and pure Water is in all of Livings interest .

We Men might be in regress due to
using electricity
and metal
at a ' cyclops level '
which might ( have ) caused ' conflict '
in any case

Where as ' electricity at a cyclops level '
means switching between on / off
alongside using amount of power

we are still a metal based culture
try to use electricity at a very low level
and within ' slight metal alloy ' silicium mineral

saving power ( electricity ) the less the more
* constantly * flowing around the earth base
giving shield , healing and regularity

and light provision
by recycled P E T Poly ethylen tere phala

to create light optical fibers and storage

along light input ( line ) based information
( and calculation ? ) technology
and or a general exchange ( need for it ? ) system
for warming and providing energy too

instead of electron based
with a global database while no deleting data

and lighting systems of some decent ,
gentle , dimmed light
as similar to a gentle and natural ' sun ' light as possible
at differing levels of dimming
between on off be cause of night silence too

try to think about progress to be
no eating meat and other livings
not to fighting against ourselves
for ' lower interests '
and poisoning the planet
by just being profit oriented ,
no seeing a far future, not living constant , too

Imagine this ' knowledge ' to be stored within one light particle
It should just to be understood as a line from Cosmos
whereas ' Cosmos ' is the ' surrounding ' in any case

Menkind typing writing spelling telling is a bit slow ;)

Twister Aircraft I

Twister Air Craft II

Twister Air Craft III

' Modern ' Pythia Simplicity

age metal alloy to the earth core

' Ancient ' Python Simplicity

size mass time ( flexible ) transform

Relativity .

Relativity II.

Tic Tac Temporal Intersections !

Light Particles per cubic metre and 'Ratio'.

Assuming an average 'Light Particle' as a cube with lenght '1',
( 1 per Force ) to be ( 1 cubic metre per flexible weight ) times ( 1 second per flexible way ),
there should be about (( number times 10 to the power of number ) to the power of 3 )
Light particles per 1 cubic metre .

It is a rough calculation related to the units meter, second and kilogramm,
using given Light Speed ( 3 times 10 to the power of 8 ) ,
Absolute Density of Ratio '1' as Ratio '2', Mass of Sun ( 2 times 10 to the power of 30 ),
Ratio '1' as 'Lightsize per Lightweight', and Ratio '3'

If a Light Particle would have a weight of 0 Kilogramms,
it would move with a Speed of ' 1 ' within a scale from 0 to 1 .

Note 1:
Using the term 'Mass' as kilogramm with one kilogramm as a unit to measure Gravitation
and 'Density of Mass' as 1 cubic metre per a variable size of kilogramm.

Note 2:
This calculation has led to an assumed number which is rounded roughly.
Shown by the graphics below :)

Note 3:
Be the cause
a Sun Light Particle needs exactly that impulse to leave gravitation of sun,
similar to air particles to be bound to gravitation of earth .

Note 4:
' Impulse making Particles slowing down to the power of two or even to the multiplication of ' Π ' in general '

Note 5:
To get 'f' you might use ' 1 per force = density of mass times (*) density of speed ,
( (1/1/x per 1 kg) * 1 / (3 * 10 to the power of 8) ) '
by using 1 / x as light weight and density of average speed of sunlight
instead of calculating with using gravitation of sun (in kilogramms)
how shown below , what I thought that days -
resulting to calculate with ( density of ) force , ( 1 / f ) and 'ratio 1' ( 1 / 1/x ) .

Note 6:
1/f = 1/x * 1/average Lightspeed
isolate f to :
f = 1 per 1/x * 1/average Lightspeed
and use this 'f' (force or impulse) now
within the calculation described below ,
simply set this 'f' in the formula with the squared root .

Note 7:
Or you just go ahead with the good old Isaac Newton
for ' force ' and you will use ' f = maa '
within the calculation described below ,
simply set his ' f ' in the formula with the squared root ( yellow highlighted ) .
Meaning light weight for mass ( 1/x ) , using its speed squared
as ' f ' to go with density of ' f ' = density of mass times density of speed .

Note 8:
You may use speed ( of light ) squared , it is allowed ,
because you might unfold an ' a lenght ' squared area
to get the point pressure a force is acting on .

This result has led my calculation to something close to a trillionst part of a kilogramm ( squared speed ) for the weight of a light particle using the calculation like mentioned by note 7 and described below .
And if you some days will look through a microscope seeing the little craters by ' light particle impacts ' you can check for the size if right or no ;) .

Note 9:
The closest approach to get the weight of a light Particle I have found is using just
1 per Gravitational Pull of Sun ( 2 times 10 to the power of 30 ) =
1 / x ( as light weight ) times squared Speed ( of Sunlight, 3 times 10 to the power of 8 ) ,
see the graphic below .

Note 10:
The final result now for calculating the weight of an average Light Particle
should be to use
1 per ( Gravitational Pull of Sun ( 2 times 10 to the power of 30 ) in kg ) = equal to
( ( ( 1 per ( 1 / x as light weight ) ) ) per 1 ) (*) times
squared Speed (of Sunlight ( 9 times 10 to the power of 16 in squared meters )
to keep gravitation which should to be measured in kilograms in balance and
regarding unfolding an 'a' length area
to get the point pressure a force is acting on by its speed , and

be the cause

a Sun Light Particle needs exactly that impulse to overcome gravitation of sun,
similar to air particles to be bound to gravitation of earth .
A stone moving off earth with 3 meters per second
should have a ' gravitational weight ' of 1 per ( 54 times 10 to the power of 22 ) kilograms
and its impulse
to keep calculating with gravitational balance , no matter its size .

( see the graphic with the dark sun , shown below )

The Gravitational Force or Pull of Sun is more powerful the closer to sun ,
and Light particles might react ( or ' being reflected ' ) faster
from earth because the earth has less of gravitation force ( in kilograms ) than sun .

It's the 21th of July 2017 today and I continue from time
to time with thinking past about the offered ways to calculate ,
but I strongly think that it is done :) !

Note 11:
' Number to be a slumber with samba , the way I pray to stay ' -
' Die Zahl zur Qual , der Weg der Steg '
The result should be the 18th times ten to the power of 46 part
of a one kilogram for light weight
*** and *** the size of an average light particle, taken by 'ratio 1' :) ,
the ( 18 times 10 to the power of 46 )th part of light weight .
Because of using ' ratio 1 ' to be 1 ( light size ) per ( 1 / light weight ) - and ratio super emotio ;)-

' Größe zu Gewicht wie 1 zu 18 mal 10 hoch 46 '
' Size per Weight is equal to 1 per 18 times 10 to the power of 46 '

See it here and it still should be no quiz for the squared root :)-

Isolating Particle Types; Gravitational Force and its Constant '6' .

And a trial to describe Force or Energy to be between the Minimum 0 'Zero' and a Maximum of 1 'One' .

Depending on relations; thinking about 1 cubic meter of air moving with 1000 meters per second
in relation to 1 cubic meter of wood moving with 1000 meters per second ;)-
which later went me to think about using 'mass density' and it seems to work fine :)

Call it just ' Density of force is density of mass times density of speed ' .

Based upon Isaac Newton and Albert Ein stein

Each relation has its Constant .

It should take 1 to calculating the gravitational Constant ' G '
because it might (? / !) lead to the logical inversion of 1 'One' ,
constantly nearing infinite close to 0 'Zero' - because time is missing.

Think Force of Moon per Force of Earth = roughly ' G '.
Think Force of Earth per Force of Sun = closer to ' G '
Think Force of Sun per Force of Milky Way Center = even closer to 'G'
Not only the Center of Milky Way is 'unsharp'
so that the Constant ' G ' will be approximate, too.
Continue these relations and you might go infinite close to 0 'Zero',
while 1 'One' K ( or kilogramm ) could be the Constant ' G ' beside
the Constant 1 'meter' and the Constant 1 'second' .

Still assuming differing ways ...
While 'logical inverted mass' is relative, too :)-

There are some ways to show that the gravitational Constant ' G ' should be 1 'One'.

Mass of Moon per two would need Speed times two in order to still orbiting our Earth.
To be force the same :
f = (Mass 3x) /2 * (Speed 4x) * 2 = 12x ;
f = Mass 3 * Speed 4 = 12 ;
12 = 12x;
x = 1;

x/2 * y*2 = 1xy;
x*y = 1xy ;

And true, giving no ' just kidding :)- to the power of 2 '

be the cause

a Sun Light Particle needs exactly that impulse to leave gravitation of sun,

similar to air particles to be bound to gravitation of earth .

Particle Thinking Viscosity I

Air and Light !

Particle Thinking Viscosity II

It was that day, I went out for a walk and thought about the viscosity of light :)-

We see stars and are watching galaxies or sugar grained and the steam of lakes above their surfaces
so that we might assume little particles like light, too.
Celsius set the point zero by regarding and according to the most 'common' element on our earth, possibly water.
Seeing materials mixing like earth and water to mud ('small sized' - temperature around 20 C)
or artificial core splitting like generating light ('wide sized' - black holes should be zero light movement)
we can assume all that as a part of a very filigree and harmonic structure.

Radiowaves and 'Magnetism' including, since a 'ray' actually should not exist because
described as a moving point throughout time.

Filigree structure of particles. Radioactivity - which has natural sources too -
and fog above the ocean. Both is of a natural changing its viscosity state (more common: aggregate state).

The work is based on (lost) knowledge of the antique Greece or Maya and would show
an uncountable amount of zero points, more than that ones named after Celsius and Kelvin.
The .gif-graphic below is a rudimentary visualisation, and true, it should
be much more than 256 colours, neither restricted to 512 x 512 pixels,
nor to a 2-dimensional graphic.

A small part of the Viscosity Spectre, natural core splitting, with its differing zero points:

Particle Thinking Viscosity III

A small part of circular flows and changes of aggregate 'fluidity' described by the graphics below .
Light should be liquid in the near area of black holes and these would rather warp time .

While Water reacts very 'slow' when rising upon the ocean,
Magnetism might be a very fast change of aggregate state.
Similar to a piece of paper taken by the wind,
metal flints array to the flow of ' electrons (?) ' of magnetic fields,
and some radioactive particles leave a common stone
about each hundred or thousand years.
The second graphic is based on 'assuming not'.

Particle Movement , Aggregate state or Temperature

Dimensional or distance movement

Particle Thinking Viscosity IV

' Assuming a radioactive circular flow,

human fear for extraterrestric lifeforms

in conjunction to our ( so called ? ) ' waste ',

we might give a nuclear ' disposal zone '

- a guess for a wrong expression - to space ' ?

No :

Try to ' freeze ' long time nuclear radiation

which are causing trouble or have been ' accidents '

by using some gas making the gas as ' solid ' as possible

by lowering temperature to fix the radiation

or at least to build a gas inlet pan beneath

the cooling basin to cool down in case of overheating .

Keep that on earth

for re using it in a differing more good manner

and try to use highly specialized robotics

to perform that action

by remote human controlling .

' While Water reacts very 'slow' when rising upon the ocean,

Magnetism might be a very fast change of aggregate state.

Similar to a piece of paper taken by the wind,

metal flints array to the flow of ' electrons (?) ' of magnetic fields,

black holes could arrange to light and some radioactive particles

leave a common stone about each hundred or thousand years. '

Compare radioactive ' H2O Splitting ' with little salt shakers,

which should open smooth out in that universe to generate or refresh Atmospheres ?

Take care for using core fusion or heat

until you find a way to balance and * firstly * clean and handle nuclear radiation

A one possible solution for abandoned long time energy radio active waste ,

meaning out of use fuel rods , might to be bringing those in to earth orbit ,

and to burn off in atmosphere

because of a radio active circular flow which means that radio activity is just lost in Universe

and slightly gathering around black holes because of Gravitation . It would be economic too .

Use simple Vacuum Ballooning to bring the ' waste ' in to orbit ,

dock off the units by splashing those

for no getting to far away those from earth because of just taking

care for earth for no spreading may be a left ' vire ' to far .

and stop torturing there fore please !

Because you will see some things more by no doing harm , too ?

Radioactive Radiation
should be deflected by metal
and passing concrete
like light through thin paper
because it a very filigree particles
A ' dilettante work ' is not meant bad

Sucking Gas Solid

Until to revive and to take care for another very ancient ' e .t . '
crashing on earth or should ' maxwell ' do this first ?
Take care for people revived by computer graphics talkin A I
This would be like to delete our selves
Now see ( ! ) you have to take care
and to see that even more than a ninety nine per cent of other livings
which is universe too are no okay what you some more or less are doing planetary crime ?
Stop production and give it for reload and see for how to handling poison and go to food production ?
Until out of use you will solve this poison by Alkalis and move on to new ?

' Modern Pi ' Ratio I .

Handel mit Geld :

Einkauf = y Verkauf = x

' normal '

y = 2 x

erfolgreicher y = ( z größer 2) mal x

längerfristiger beständig

und friedlicher

y = ( z kleiner 2 ) mal x

Um die Krise noch halbwegs friedlich zu lösen ,

sollten die Produkte

mit Verkaufswert ( z größer 2 )

( langsam und oder nkommensorientiert )

zum Umkehrwert des z

( = 1 / z oder 1 geteilt durch z )

verkauft werden ?

Und das Geld kann man auch

friedlich investieren ,

in moderne und neue Verkehrs systeme

Sicherheit etc.

und vor allem auch in Umwelt

und umweltschonende Technologien

und Nahrungsmittelproduktion

anstatt profit orientierter Luxusgüter

Arbeiter sollten ~ den gleichen Lohn

erhalten wie Vorgesetzte ?

' Ancient Pi ' Ratio II .







Earth / Stone / Minerals etc .







The funding or ' general ' exchanging system
is one of the smallest circular flow ( of electrons ) ,
We ( and it ) got a bit stuck to that small metal
electronic flow be cause it blocks us out ,
and ' itself to the earth core '
like age metal alloy to the earth core .
Can you think either booking numbers
to an account and shift it from another one .
It is a bit and more than a bit cheating ' ourselves '
Think about you can go to your account ,
take some ' metal ' for exchange to getting your wares ,
and either that won ' t be lost from another account ,
or just to be doubled from both the accounts it would disappear .
Firstly I think that each man would fear that
all man would get megalomaniac and taking everything ,
what it could . And may be this would be no the case .
It should be said that some or some more might try more good ,
than bad or being lazy meaning only eating and drinking ,
because each living has a need for satisfaction ,
what so ever it could bear appearance , may be even field work ,
( if not done by robotics , not made of metal ( ? ) because these
can be abused too ) could be fun and good for health ,
if done with a will and a liking to do it .
A good exchanging , funding and general
communication and calculation or energy providing
system would be light input ( line ) based .
Another thing for that to work out better ,
is to become vegetarian or even vegan .
A lot of animals like cats would like mais , tofu ,
and croquettes ,
' teigtaschen ' ( maybe with spinach ) , watered corn bread or may be with soja milk ,
etc .

Developing technical ideas and Visualisations

Within the common ' viscosity spectre ' :)-

' And if some would develop mass drive
some would abuse it . '

' To my Sister '
And too , have some of you realised
that filigree differences between metal alloy
of an older Age which already disappeared in the ground ,
alongside using power of electricity getting
calculated down by more and more devices ,
and newer metal , which will follow in any case
down to the earth core beside the fewer and fewer
electricity used by devices getting more modern ?
Just let the ' ancient ' roads to rotten down
for creating slight hovering alongside earth and ?

'Dandelion' Photographer Saïda.

Cosmo Spring.

Cosmo Spring is a thinking modell. Named assuming an early phase of our universe.

We would like to introduce one another contribution to the world within a large sized universe
with a piece of theoretic work based on pieces of existing research.
It is about to rethink the expression and complexion 'time' and to reduce the 'existence'
to the most basic or simple and elementary physical,   and mathematical sizes mass, time and infinity.
Developed over a period of about eleven years, by thinking some days more and sometimes less about it,
the video below explains the
shortly and hopefully generelly understoodable with some additional literature.

For a common understanding it should be mentioned that 'black holes' actually are not
'holes' but mass at a large concentration and it is very likely that these won't warp time at all,
what we look at should be fluid light around the cores. If someone would ask for 'light-particles'
you would just have asked about the gap between two things some hundred years
before , and no one would have guessed that it is filled with air -
which is *something* of course.

See the video about the work here:

A 'Batch of Time' is a visualisation here, and should be imagined as a bunch of time,
a little 'fluffy' or 'unsharp' with 'time-dust' at its boundaries to infinity and pulsing.

A 'ray' actually should not exist since described as a moving point throughout time,
which would prove that e.g. 'light-rays' or 'radioactive radiation' would be the wrong expression.

Time is said to move. Moving like a string it might get wavy sometime or even fluffy if understood as 'not ideal'.
'Pulsing' at a further perspective if thought as of infinite complexion.

Dimensional thinking:
The dimension model says that mass consists within time, and mass and time both
consist within infinity like the three dimensions of space:
The 1st dimension is within the second one and 1st and 2nd dimensions
are within the third one - of mass / space what so ever called.

'Mass' as the 1st one, 'time' as the 2nd one and 'infinity' as the third one.
And a prove might be that - if so - particles are endlessly divisible to the less and
that space (particles / mass) is infinite, it would be (the) mass as the 1st dimension
within the third dimension 'infinity', near ( infinite ! / ? ) time and infinitely divisible mass -
you would guess - within infinity.

With the idea to bring particle character (reacting with each other) to other 'existences'
which is the literature part of the theory at the end of the video.

In some former times and only somewhere, some people believed,
that the earth would be a plate while knowledges were differing
by times and places.

'You can pick a thing, you might feel time, but you cannot see infinity.'

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