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Rese rch 1 . Solutions & Ideas .
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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other Living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

5. blue green marble ( = Planet Earth ) refreshment

/ Recycling and Cleaning

' Alt - Plastik , PVC und PET sind wertvolle Rohstoffe ,
die nicht durch Verbrennung in unsere atembare Atmosphäre
gelangen sollten und aus unseren Ozeanen gefischt werden müssen . '

' Waste Plastic , PVC and PET are precious Resources ,
which should not poison our breathable atmosphere
by being burned off and must to be picked out of our oceans . '

/ Vegan Flower Shield

What to do with the recycled Plastic ?
One idea would be to let your flowers flourish
vegan within a garden free of toxics !

Snails cannot climb this invention made of recycled plastic ,
which you will simply put beneath your flowers pot .
The ridges or lamellas should be made of less than one millimetre
of width at the inner boundary and with a gap of one millimetre ...

Don ' t put it beneath each flower , be cause
snails do not want to starve , too
and the hedgehogs need something to eat also - to keep nature in balance ...

/ Desert Watering

As we have seen that a future water scarcity might not exist –
we might check this here by clicking to
New Delphi Interstellar
and using the Google translator –
we can even think about generating a tube system
for desert watering from the waste plastic .
Each molecule of water should contain the information
which every life is based on , and so plants would be able to spread
out of the desert sand which consists of precious minerals –
the salt of the ocean water might be filtered out at the surface ...

And never ever panic first take careful research

At a principle ,
' most of us ' from Cosmo Spring
are H2O ( Water ) based Livings .

Clean and pure Water is of all Livings interest .

We human might be in regress due to
using electricity
and metal
at a ' cyclops level '
which might ( have ) caused ' conflict '
in any case

Where as ' electricity at a cyclops level '
means switching between on / off
alongside using amount of power

We are still a metal based culture .
Try to use electricity at a very low level
and within ' slight metal alloy ' silicium mineral

saving power ( electricity ) the less the more
* constantly * flowing around the earth base
giving shield , healing and regularity

and light provision
by recycled P E T Polyethylen terephthalat

to create light optical fibers and storage

along light input ( line ) based information
( and calculation ? ) technology
and or a general exchange ( need for it ? ) system
for warming and providing energy too

instead of electron based
with a global database while no deleting data

and lighting systems of some decent ,
gentle , dimmed light
as similar to a gentle and natural ' sun ' light as possible
at differing levels of dimming
between on off be cause of night silence too

try to think about progress to be
no eating meat and other livings
not to fighting against each other
for ' lower interests '
and poisoning the planet
by just being profit oriented ,
no seeing a far future, not living constant , too

Imagine this ' knowledge ' to be stored within one light particle
It should just to be understood as a line from Cosmos
whereas ' Cosmos ' is the ' surrounding ' in any case

Menkind typing writing spelling telling is a bit slow ;)

5.1 Twister Aircraft I

5.2 Twister Air Craft II

5.3 Twister Air Craft III

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