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Rese rch 1 . Solutions & Ideas .
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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other Living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

12. Health Care

' Facing Corona - Update 1 '

Virus bind themselves to water ,
( and Bacteria , too )
either to water inner the air
or to water from our resource system ,
as water is the base for each life .
Boil water or heat water .
Alcohol cleans .
Eat to gain natural power .
Water within deep earth is clean
as live takes place around the surface of our planet .

We might like to warn against overdone hygiene ,
be cause exaggerated hygiene supports further illness
beside weakening our natural immune system and
virus and bacteria might develop resistance
against cleaning products .

Water carries virus to organic hosts .
The more organic ( e.g. paper ) ,
the better chance for the virus
to survive - long term , too .
Oil and plastic might shield from virus ,
metal and glas should do that also .

According to an earlier theory ,
everything within our daily use for hygiene
( for our body and our industrial goods )
helps to protect from infection with virus
alongsides your right nutrition and your genetic nature is good
for getting rid of infection illness


The virus might simply to be sucked up by some certain hygiene products
( dish soap , soap , body lotion , shampoo , cleaning agents ,
even only ' a glas of champagne or two ' a day , etc. )
alongsides facing virus by acquiring natural power of resistance .
Some research about what healthy people - close to infected people -
are using to clean might to be a benefit .
( The all in all living habits ( beside the biologic ' made of ' )
might to be either good or bad for infections )

During our industrial progress ,
we have developed so many of cleaning substances ,
that all of the virus and bacteria cannot resist –
be cause those might even to be distracted
facing the diversity of hygiene products ,
still preventing us from ebola , pestilence and may be a bit more .


We might think about changing our every day ' s life habits
what goes using the same hygiene products each day ( ? )

While knowledges on our earth have been differing according to times and by places –
as well as health and illness , too ...

And that may to be the reason why your support of ' Peta '
really helps to create a more healthy living environment :
The only risk of vegane nurition might to be an infection of fungi
( by eating only pesticide - free fruits ) , any risks else which
go along with nutrition by killing animals should to be excluded ...

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