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Rese rch 1 . Solutions & Ideas .
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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploitation
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

9. Viscosity thought as Particle Character I

Air and Light !

9.1 Viscosity thought as Particle Character II

It was that day, I went out for a walk and thought about the viscosity of light :)-

We see stars and are watching galaxies or grained sugar and the steam of lakes above their surfaces
so that we might assume little particles like light , too .
Celsius set the point zero by regarding and according to the most ' common ' element on our earth, possibly water .
Seeing materials mixing like earth and water to mud ( ' small sized ' – with a temperature of about 20 C )
or sub atomic particle splitting by a force or an energy impulse like generating light ( ' wide sized ' – black holes should be zero light movement )
we can assume all our existence as a part of a very filigree and harmonic structure .

Radiowaves and Magnetism including, since a ' ray ' actually should not exist because
described as a moving point throughout time .

We are talking about a compound , filigree structure of particles . Radioactivity – which has natural sources too –
and fog above the ocean . Both might to be a natural changing of viscosity states ( more common : states of aggregation ) .

This work is based on an assumed and reconstructed knowledge about understanding mass as particle character ,
what might to be known by the antique Greece or Maya and it would show an uncountable amount of zero points ,
more than that ones named after Celsius and Kelvin .
The .gif-graphic below is a simplified visualisation ...
And true , it should contain
much more than 256 colours , and neither be restricted to 512 x 512 pixels ,
nor to a two - dimensional image .

A small cutout of the Viscosity Spectrum – representing the ( natural ) change of states of aggregation – with its associated , differing zero points
is shown by the following visualization :

9.2 Viscosity thought as Particle Character III

A small part of circular flows and changes of aggregation ' fluidities ' are described by the graphics below .
Light might be liquid in the near area of black holes , an assumption of the year 2016 . Mass distorts time , what is scientifically proven .

While Water reacts very ' slow ' when rising from our oceans ,
Magnetism might be a very fast change of state of aggregation .
Similar to a piece of paper taken by the wind ,
metal chippings align to the flow of ' electrons ( ? ) ' of magnetic fields ,
black holes might possibly orient along light particle streams ,
and a common stone emits some few radioactive and other electromagnetic particles
by nature about each hundred or thousand years .
The second graphic below is based on best guess .

Particle Movement , States of Aggregation or Temperature

Dimensional or distance movement

9.3 Viscosity thought as Particle Character IV

' Assuming the electromagnetic flow our universe is

interspersed with might run circular at a large scaling –

the reason might to be a natural curvature of space –

and which large mass objects possibly align to ,

like metal chippings align to magnetical force fields

( while assuming a magnetical force to derive from

the movement of smaller and smallest particles ) ,

beside human fear for extraterrestrial lifeforms

in conjunction to our ( so called ? ) ' waste '

we should not abuse space as a nuclear ' disposal zone ' ...

Better might be trying to ' freeze ' long time nuclear radiation .

This goes material causing trouble or which is emitted

from sources which have been ' accidents ' .

And that might to be done by using some gas what has been made as ' solid '

as possible by lowering its temperature in order to stop the radiation .

' Heat ' , better expressed as ' temperature ' always means

particle movement within the atomic and sub atomic structure .

A standing still of ( atomes and ) subatomic particles might mean

a standing still of core splitting what might pose stopping

gamma particle and alpha and beta ray emissions .

At least you might try to build a pan and a little inlet for liquid gas beneath

the cooling basin in order to cool fuel rods down in case of overheating .

Keep the ' waste ' on earth

for re using it in a differing , more good manner

and try to use highly specialized robotics

to perform that action of cooling

by remote human controlling .

We might compare radioactive ' H2O Splitting ' with little salt shakers ,

which should open smooth out in that universe to generate or refresh Atmospheres ?

Be careful with using core fusion energy

until you find a way to balance it and * firstly * clean and handle nuclear radiation .

Another possible solution for abandoned long time energy radio active waste ,

meaning out of use fuel rods , might to be bringing those into earth orbit ,

and to burn off in our earth 's atmosphere by air friction and high speeds .

In this case , radio activity might to be just lost in Universe

and slightly gathering around black holes because of Gravitation .

This might to be economic , too .

Use simple Vacuum Ballooning for sending the ' waste ' into orbit ,

undock the balloon - units by bursting those

in order to avoid sending the balloons too far away from earth .

Because we should take care for earth , her livelihoods and life forms by the prevention of

spreading a vire spore – may this spore has been left on the balloon , too – far away to space .

While we should abandon torturing preferably !

We are going to see some things more , if we are not doing harm and not hurting other lifes ?

It is even possible to burn off out of use fuel rods in the near of our Sun ...

Radioactive Radiation
should be shielded by metal
and passing concrete
like light through thin paper
because it consists of very filigree particles

Sucking Gas Solid
You might even use more than one fan at the top part of the sphere ...

If cooling radioactive material with gas which is as ' solid ' as possible
like fluid nitrogen or helium does not work out , we might think about developing
a subatomic glue in order to solidify the atomes and to prevent protons , electrons
and neutrons to be split off beside the prevention of gamma particle emission .
The atoms of the glue liquid must be smaller than the atomic grid of the
radiating material , the glue should penetrate the radioactive material and
stuck the atomes of the radiating substance together ...

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