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Rese rch 1 . Solutions & Ideas .
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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other Living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

2. The Noah Project / Mass Drive Carrier System

With your donation to ' Peta ' you are going to contribute to the ongoing Development of Breakthrough Technologies ...

Vacuum Density Ballooning

' Actually , a rocket drive might to be compared with a heated Vacuum ,
may be at an elephant's level '

' And until to question once more about how many times
an assumed just another kind of ' e.t. ' might have deflected a second ' planetary great bombardement ' ,
which our earth would have been hit during some past times of history –
perhaps due to having control of pure mass character and may be a bit more ( ? ) '

Now just quiz for how to load a may be kind of moon mineral ( micro ? ) particle
or just something else ( within the spheres ) to get the ' moon ' gravitation and controlled ;)

Evolution thinking which might to be understood to be a ' hate shield ' within highly reflective eyes
of an extraterrestrial, blocking the so called ' demon or virus ' hate , jealousy , etc.
towards ' zero hate ' to ' good ' ( one positive ) and ' better ' ( two positive ) '

The topic extra terrestrials should to be understood with a good smile and humour :)-

If you do not want to believe , you might think that this is all about an angered vegetarian ,
doing a marketing campaign for treating animals and other lifes better or just well .

If you want to believe , listen this story :
Me , as a good minded creative living , was watching interesting sky phenomenas
during the summer 2016 .
As I have been fascinated of other livings , what so ever these might spread appearance ,
it was an easy thing for a skilled artist to build a good story upon it ...

' And may be until some ' top ' or ' end of evolution ' or both , kind of ' e.t. '
just had left something here . Be cause there might be a lot of blue marbles in our Universe
which he has to take care for and work for – just until the end of all our Universe ? '

And until you do this you will see something good !

That is a precious invention which is to get some two and one and
a many more free .
To let progress work fine and better meaning evolution thinking
And if done with love and precision it ' s working out ;)

' ( Isolated Amount of Mass varying ) Sphere / Balloon
( ' Most of ' ) Intergalactic Drive Carrier System '

While ' Most of ' might truly be ironic and even ridiculous ;)
you will see the Milky Way ( that is no chocolate ? ) and
may be the ' little grain ' of star dust Andromeda Galaxy
see your cup of coffee with the drip of milk mixing macro cosmos

Working on that inventions should go ahead with the text below

It ' s working with a ( ' single ' Water ) Particle ,
carefully to be controlled
by lowering and highering the mass vacuum temperature,
but * within a tiny least spectre and at a minimum * ,
to go to the next mass amount where it is ' missing '.
A true some assumption ,
most Flashes appear up to Berlin ,
with the most dried up metal ( Electricity / Water missing in there ? )
so that the last Electron / Water Particle
gets up to the next amount
of Electricity / Water ' Sky ' to the surplus .
A bit ' quick and uncontrolled '
with lots of Energy .

The drive carrier ( a single ( water ) particle )
should be isolated for hovering meaning to be put
in a sphere or ' balloon ' and regard the amount
and type of mass the sphere consists of .
Then just to be controlled , meaning to be
adapted with amount ' new = lower ', then higher to ' stop '
to go to the next Water Level .
Those are * very very tiny and filigree Differences *
of amount Water ( Vacuum Temperature ) .
Think type and amount of mass character .
The slighter the built around the ' drive ' ,
the more precision, given H2O ( Water ) will be the same
( at a large amount ) within e.g. ' Jupiter Icy Satellite ' .
Try to use Metal ( ? ) as the container and heated Vacuum
and ( no ) an isolated room for the drive ( or just a field ? ) .
The drive carrier as a closed circuit ( circuit = problem ) means
that less of energy is required .
Heating the water mass vacuum
and getting the ' else ' water cooled
to lower and higher
' gravitation ' of and between character of mass ( Water ).

Direction does not exist in this case ,
but mass concentration .
The lower the mass , the more the ' speed '
No small size thinking , imagine temperature ( ? ) ,
( a ballon rises ' to the less ' ) ,
may be a light particle too , no but water !
Avoid crashes by carefully lowering and increasing
the minimal water mass vacuum temperature .

Take care for using a single electron
within the ' H2O Water Ballon ' system
except for nothing else because that will
attract within the ' smallest circular flow of magnetism '
Light Particles might be attracted by a very low / inverted level of electricity
' Impulse making particles slowing down to multi pli cation of π '
Just compare it with a filament or a glow wire of an ' ancient lamp '
May be you should avoid using e.g. sun light particles firstly
and only using Water in order to avoid crashes .

Note ' 1 ' :
Actually , a rocket drive might to be compared with a heated ' vacuum ' .
May be at an ' elephant ' s level ' :)
With a guessing for a ' thruster generated vacuum ' in space
between drive , ship and a much larger vacuum creates a ' shift ' ,
' attracting ' the ship to the next larger vacuum
within a still ' weak ' flow of the electron flow orbit created by earth core, within the gravitational pull .

Note ' 2 ' :
It is a highly potential danger to get lost in space .
Please try un manned only and until you can control this technology .
The Earth Base is still required .

Note ' 3 ' :
Electricity, Metal, Informatics ( and may be Communication Systems )
are disturbing because of differing ' flows ' between character of mass .

Try to lower electricity ( and metal ? ) for mass drive carrier system .

Note ' 4 ' :
May be you will try to create a ' slight balloon '
with a ' single ' vacuum water particle and connect it with
a slight communication system to see from where to get response .
Actually it might result target differences due to not having
control of pure mass character , while this is relative
within ' micro cosmos ' :) .

Note ' 5 ' :
Try to get rid of artificial intelligence
based upon metal or silicium and light input based too ,
because it might exterminate men one day ,
and bio mech anics too .

Note ' 6 ' :
A little jingle about mass drive carrier system
is written within this site , may be you will find it :)

' And if some would develop mass drive
some might abuse it . '

That is why I have decided to equip it with rescue units
be cause of each rocket attached one unit will splash .
And for today
you might claim that there is no need for it
tomorrow you will take it
and the day after tomorrow
you hopefully have not forgot about my words

' And who so ever diggeth a pit shall fall in it '

Note ' 7 ' :

' and to finally free the
' Green Inde pen d nce Day Lifeform '
if existing and if , it might need a pure water bath
and to be put approximately where found
alongside its carrier system
in absolute silence , hidden , open
and human should go as far away as possible
by shielding too
and with no fear from a vire
and else

and no try to keep or
to claim things to be yours
Be cause with the assumption to
just showing an estimated 1 meter guy
to be about 2,5 meters tall
and to be a predator like most of human
as shown in the movie from 1996
That actually should not to be understood
to cause trouble in ' any case '
but to avoid a potential strong interstellar conflict
because humans are patient
and may be others too .
Imagine you , crashing on a foreign planet and to be kept .
Seeing the few some ' stars ' moving like a water strider , too ?
Because research works better by far distance measuring
thinking and no conflict '

Note ' 8 ' :
Just ask some body about us to be the only ones within our universe ...

Note ' 9 ' :
The ' Earth Base ' is still required .

Note ' 10 ' :
Work in Progress ...

Note ' 11 ' :
With a truth strong warning
for a further cosmos
which means to see
the mars ' atmosphere ' at today's time
alongside the Mars Mission Curiosity
and another assumption
for dimension ( size , distance ) ,
character of mass and time
to be of absolute free
and flexible transformation
to be true possible to some

Note ' 12 ' :
If balloon mass drive carrier system should work out one day ,
we should firstly respect other and ' extraterrestrial lifes ' if existing
and no exploiting their sources .
And that 's – in our honest opinion –
the one cause why we ' ve been ' stuck ' to the moon .
Actually because we might be a bit of cyclops due
to a biologic ' made of ' ,
and of less being collectives like a bee or a fish or even ' e. t. '
A Collective Database might work with a little difference ,
meaning to use all data on an ' own ' storage which can be adressed and exchanging by request .

3. Developing technical ideas and Visualisations

Within the common ' viscosity spectrum ' :)-

' And if some would develop mass drive
some would abuse it . '

' To my Sister '
And too , have some of you realised
that filigree differences between metal alloy
of an older age which already has disappeared in the ground ,
alongside using power of electricity getting
calculated down by more and more devices ,
and newer metal , which will follow in any case
down to the earth core beside the fewer and fewer
electricity used by devices getting more modern ?
Just let the ' ancient ' roads to rotten down
for creating slight hovering alongside earth and ?

' Dandelion ' Photographer Saïda .

See my site for more