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Rese rch 1 . Solutions & Ideas .
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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other Living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

2. The Noah Project / Mass Drive Carrier System / Many Extraterrestrials ...

' Some might exist very likely ... '
This image shows an artistic visualisation of ' Ra ' .

The Pyramides have been associated with extraterrestrials time and again ...
If you would like to listen a short story , you might go on reading .
It was that day in the ancient Egypt , when ' Ra ' came down to Planet Earth .
He got out from his spaceship – a shiny white sphere , made of highly reflective material .
A glowing white , mystic and slightly pulsing aura surrounded him .
One of the amazed humans tried to touch the extraterrestrial ' Ra ' through his aura shield .
The curious human got a – at a strange manner warm – softly slight electric shock ,
which felt a little like the bit of a snake to him when touching the aura .
And then , ' Ra ' became active , he showed all of his might gained due to
being peaceful since an inconceivable count of generations .
He was building the three mighty Pyramides within some few minutes
by just lifting his rod , so that all of the stones hovered towards their determined places ...
It was a true spectacle for all of the little humans watching his mighty power
of lifting and processing the heavy stones , one by another , until the three Pyramides
had been arised ...

For a further understanding you might like to visit


The topic ' extraterrestrials ' might just to be regarded as a kind of filigree astronaut ' s yarn ...
And our Earth is a plate – for sure ...

Still fighting against each other we should be aware of our ark – Earth . '
An old new idea about how to stop war and working together
is to build a planetary shield , also referred to as ' New Shield '
in order to provide collective safety against a meteor impact .
To create new workplaces and to ease travelment on earth
and between future planets if you like it and if you will give up war some day ,
Mass Drive Carrier System is going to work out .

' Maxwell Montes ( Sun Light Mass ) ' Balloon ' Drive Carrier System '
Look for the image(s) showing a kind of base walls , see the Mars Curiosity Mission
and have a closer look at the International Space Station .
And in order to avoid a strong both earth and interstellar conflict ( again )
you would better understand that what we see is not blue but infinity ...

It are very very filigree differences of an
( ' inverted ' very low level of electricity ? or a kind of light ! )
meaning controlling the fine differences of amount ~ radon
for going from and between ' sun ' to ' sun '
assuming a ' sun ' to be the center of e.g. Milky Way etc .
in a silent peaceful manner even at lighting speed

May be you will see ' History of Ballooning '

Have no fear for ' extraterrestrial ' Lifeforms
The one thing is the other one might you imagine some repeatedly
attacking weak ones and the defenseless ? What would you do ?
Researchers have warned for long about climate change until it came true ...

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