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Rese rch 1 . Solutions & Ideas .
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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other Living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

4. Big Bang Theory

Cosmos Loop Theorie .

Cosmic Infinity Time Birds

'Dimension Travelling' , understood by the three dimensions
lenght, height, depth and time as the fourth dimension
to be flattened to a two dimensional image or area .

Cos Cos ( ... ) Mos

Marble Water Drips

Water Cosmos Evolution Graph the one Way ;)

A Planet abandoned ?

Cosmo Spring.

Cosmo Spring is a thinking modell. Named assuming an early phase of our universe.

We would like to introduce one another contribution to the world within a large sized universe
with a piece of theoretic work based on pieces of existing research.
It is about to rethink the expression and complexion 'time' and to reduce the 'existence'
to the most basic or simple and elementary physical,   and mathematical sizes
mass ( including dimension, size or distance ), time and infinity.
Developed over a period of about eleven years, by thinking some days more and sometimes less about it ,
the video below explains the
shortly and hopefully generelly understoodable with some additional literature.

For a common understanding it should be mentioned that 'black holes' actually are not
'holes' but mass at a large concentration and it is very likely that these won't warp time at all ,
what we look at should be fluid light around the cores. If someone would ask for 'light-particles'
you would just have asked about the gap between two things some hundred years
before , and no one would have guessed that it is filled with air -
which is *something* of course.

See the video about the work here:

A 'Batch of Time' is a visualisation here, and should be imagined as a bunch of time,
a little 'fluffy' or 'unsharp' with 'time-dust' at its boundaries to infinity and pulsing.

A 'ray' actually should not exist since described as a moving point throughout time,
which would prove that e.g. 'light-rays' or 'radioactive radiation' would be the wrong expression.

Time is said to move. Moving like a string it might get wavy sometime or even fluffy if understood as 'not ideal'.
'Pulsing' at a further perspective if thought as of infinite complexion.

Dimensional thinking:
The dimension model says that mass consists within time, and mass and time both
consist within infinity like the three dimensions of space:
The 1st dimension is within the second one and 1st and 2nd dimensions
are within the third one - of mass / space what so ever called.

'Mass' as the 1st one, 'time' as the 2nd one and 'infinity' as the third one.
And a prove might be that - if so - particles are endlessly divisible to the less and
that space (particles / mass) is infinite, it would be (the) mass as the 1st dimension
within the third dimension 'infinity', near ( infinite ! / ? ) time and infinitely divisible mass -
you would guess - within infinity.

With the idea to bring particle character (reacting with each other) to other 'existences'
which is the literature part of the theory at the end of the video.

In some former times and only somewhere, some people believed,
that the earth would be a plate while knowledges were differing
by times and places.

'You can pick a thing, you might feel time, but you cannot see infinity.'

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