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' Assuming one Infinity, one Time is just a little grain of Sugar . '

Everything can be slighter by production without poisoning and new exploiting
with a strong recommendation to recycle and to clean from industrial toxics ,
and to take care for each other Living ! Stop ( y ) our war and helping on the way ?

' Modern Pi ' Ratio I .

Handel mit Geld :

Einkauf = x Verkauf = y

' normal '

y = 2 x

erfolgreicher y = ( z grö├čer 2) mal x

längerfristiger beständig

und friedlicher

y = ( z kleiner 2 ) mal x

Für ein friedlicheres Miteinander

kann man die Produkte

mit Verkaufswert ( z größer 2 )

( langsam und oder nkommensorientiert )

mit Gewinn aus dem Umkehrwert des z errechnet

( = 1 / z oder 1 geteilt durch z )

verkaufen ...

In moderne und neue Verkehrs systeme ,

Sicherheit etc.

und vor allem auch in Umwelt

und umweltschonende Technologien

und Nahrungsmittelproduktion

sollte besser investiert werden ;

wie wäre es , wenn Arbeiter in etwa

den gleichen Lohn

erhalten wie Vorgesetzte ?

' Ancient Pi ' Ratio II .







Earth / Stone / Minerals etc .







The funding or ' general ' exchanging system
is one of the smallest circular flow ( of electrons ) ,
We ( and it ) got a bit stuck to that small metal
electronic flow be cause it blocks us out ,
and ' itself to the earth core '
like age metal alloy to the earth core .
Can you think either booking numbers
to an account and shift it from another one .
It is a bit and more than a bit cheating ' ourselves '
Think about you can go to your account ,
take some ' metal ' for exchange to getting your wares ,
and either that won ' t be lost from another account ,
or just to be doubled from both the accounts it would disappear .
Firstly I think that each man would fear that
all man would get megalomaniac and taking everything ,
what it could . And may be this would be no the case .
It should be said that some or some more might try more good ,
than bad or being lazy meaning only eating and drinking ,
because each living has a need for satisfaction ,
what so ever it could bear appearance , may be even field work ,
( if not done by robotics , not made of metal ( ? ) because these
can be abused too ) could be fun and good for health ,
if done with a will and a liking to do it .
A good exchanging , funding and general
communication and calculation or energy providing
system would be light input ( line ) based .
Another thing for that to work out better ,
is to become vegetarian or even vegan .
A lot of animals like cats would like mais , tofu ,
and croquettes ,
' teigtaschen ' ( maybe with spinach ) , watered corn bread or may be with soja milk ,
etc .

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